Maternity Session


Maternity Session Information

When is the best time to book my maternity shoot?

You can book your maternity shoot at any time during your pregnancy however I usually like to schedule the shoot for sometime within the 30th to 36th week of pregnancy. By this time your belly should be nice and round. However this will vary for each woman as some women carry smaller and may want to leave it until the 36th-38th week of pregnancy. You should come when you still feel good. If you leave it too late you may start to feel a little tired and uncomfortable.

Where are maternity sessions held?

Maternity sessions are held either in my home studion or on location in Orange, NSW and surrounding areas. I have found a number of beautiful locations around Orange however I love exploring new locations so if you have a favourite local spot I would love to shoot your session there. 

How long does a maternity session take?

Maternity photo shoots take approximately 1 hour from start to finish.

What should I wear?

You can wear whatever you feel comfortable however for best results I recommend avoiding stripes and print. If you plan to include your partner or children it is best to dress in clothing that coordinate. If you have browsed my photos, you may have noticed I have a preference for white and neutral colors, with nothing overly bright and distracting. I find neutral colors photograh better and are more timeless and classic.

You can buy beautiful maternity gowns like the one pictured online. My favourite stores are found on but keep in mind most dresses are made to order so you should avoid leaving it too late to order your gown.

I keep a collection of beautiful gowns which you are welcome to wear for your maternity shoot. My maternity sessions include complimentary use of at least one option from my personal collection. I do advise that you bring underwear and or a slip with you in nude colour and white, this is because some of my gowns are made from beautiful sheer lace. It also allows us the option to wrap your body in beautiful sheer materials and tulle for some stunning dreamy photos. 

Hair and Make-up?

I really want you to look and feel your best for your photo shoot. It will make you feel more confident and comfortable infron of the camera which will reflect in your images. For this reason I recomend you invest in a professional hair and make-up artist if you are not confident with doing it yourself. If you can only afford one thing, I would reccomend investing in professional hair styling. Good hair makes a huge difference is the final images. 

A more natural or almost bridal makeup look will look stunning in your photos. I also recomend avoiding dead straight hair (unless your hair is in amazing condition) and going for soft waves or loose curls. Some up-styles will also work well but I would avoid anything too formal. 

Any other questions?

I hope I have covered all your questions, if not please get in contact via the contact tab above or for a quicker response through my Facebook page which you can access here.